Pitka Musta

Pitka Musta

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Found primarily in the French Polynesian waters, the Pinctada margaritifera oyster produces the dark, captivating Tahitian Pearls. This South Sea Pearl family boasts the widest natural color range.

Pitka Musta showcases 61 hand-curated Tahitian Pearls combining a wide variety of vibrant natural colors into one captivating creation and secured with a sleek 18K white gold toggle clasp. At 36.5 inches, it is referred to as an opera length with slightly graduated pearl sizes ranging from 13-14.5mm.

Pitka Musta affords you the luxury of wearing this lustrous multi-color curation long or doubled to capture the spotlight at any event.

13-14.8mm Multi-Color Tahitian Pearl Strand with 18K White Gold Toggle Clasp. 36.5 inches; 61 pearls.

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