Pearls by Shari

Celebrating Life

Behind The Pearls

Specializing in Golden South Sea pearls and the curation of heirloom strands, Pearls by Shari brings the elegance of pearls to the heart of the Tetons. Founder Shari Turpin brings immense passion and over 20 years of professional pearl buying experience to each piece that is designed on 90 E. Broadway.

Crafting a legacy

As we design at Pearls By Shari, we keep the legacy of the pearl in mind. Just as every beautiful pearl results from pain and discomfort, each person, formed by whatever he or she might encounter during the journey of life, is unique and beautiful. This message of beauty developing in spite of pain and struggle inspires us to craft innovative pieces using unexpected materials and processes, such as leather, metals, and precious stones, to enhance the elegance of the pearl for every walk of life. Whether we combine rough leather with pearls for our Teton Mountaineering Collection or metal with diamonds and pearls for our South Sea Collections, our designs represent more than pieces of jewelry. A Pearls by Shari design simply serves as a waypoint in the pearl's journey as it continues to pass on a legacy of hope and beauty in the face of struggle from one generation to another. Begin your legacy with Pearls by Shari.

Behind the Pearls
What Pearls Can Mean

Listen to Shari give her thoughts on the Pearl and why this gem deserves our attention.