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Panache showcases rare pink Freshwater, Tahitian, White, and Golden South Sea Pearls from all different types of oysters to create a contemporary multi-color combination. 

This hand-curated strand boasts 51 pearls each unique in color but matched to be similar in shape and size and secured with a sleek 18K white gold toggle clasp. At 35 inches long, it is referred to as an opera length with large pearl sizes ranging from 15-16.5mm.

Panache affords you the luxury of wearing this captivating multi-color curation long or doubled to capture the spotlight at any event. 

15-16.8mm Multi-Color Strand with Rare Pink Freshwater, Tahitian, White & Golden South Sea Pearls & 18K White Gold Toggle Clasp. 35 inches; 51 pearls.

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