On a Journey and by Searching

I travel a great deal, both in my search for the rare pearls and for my involvement with philanthropic endeavors that my husband and I support. I am always, and I do mean always, on the hunt, shall I say? In my travels, I am often reminded of an ancient Scripture with which I identify very much. It is found in Matthew 13 and tells of a merchant who sacrificed everything he had for a pearl. And so it was one evening in Paris, France, on my last overseas trip, that I happened upon pearls of great value.

Isn’t that always the way great treasures are found? Most of the rare and precious pearls that I have acquired over many years have been obtained in this peculiar way -  on a journey and by searching.

My husband and I were traveling through several European countries with a quick stop in France which has become a new favorite of ours. There’s nothing like finding that small cafe on a side street where you can spend the morning enjoying strong coffee and a fresh pastry.  While we were in Paris, we had dinner with one of the world’s most prestigious pearl buyers, who supplies most of the major jewelry houses globally with pearls. His family joined us for dinner, after which we agreed to meet at his office the next day. 

What a rare opportunity we had to view many rare pearl strands! However, through the course of the meeting, I noticed that one strand lay on a tray at the back of his office, untouched. Realizing he did not plan to show me the strand, I asked to see it. 

With hesitation and uncertainty, he reached back for the tray. As light spilled over the strand, the unmistakable rarity of perfect pearls became evident. He began to tell me the story of how the strand came to be. This luminous strand was assembled over 8 years, as he traveled the world to source each one individually. 

I asked again if I could see it.  The depth of color, the intensity of luster, and the roundness of the pearls were unparalleled. I knew at that moment I had to have it regardless of the price.

Of course, that strand came home to Pearls by Shari. 

Isn’t that often the way it is in life? The most special moments come during the daily routine. For me, each day brings the opportunity to seek out rare pearls; for you, each day may bring opportunities with a person, relationship or new endeavor. But it’s when we are seeking to find something great in those everyday moments that treasure is found. 

Click on the video below to see the exquisite pearl strand for yourself. And look throughout the next week for treasures hidden around you. There are people, relationships, opportunities of great value, waiting to be discovered by you, if you are only seeking.

“The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it.” Matthew 13:45-46