A Mother's Day Memoir

A Mother's Day Memoir

"Mary pondered all these things in her heart" -  a statement from the oldest book in the world about an iconic woman in history: Mary, the mother of Jesus.

I can remember being greatly impacted by reading this as a young mother and again years later as a grandmother. As world events were unfolding before her very own eyes, Mary, also a young mother, locked these events in her heart and pondered. I love the word "ponder". To me, it means you have to have time, quietness and the courage to reflect truthfully in your own heart, pushing us to evaluate what we did and how we would do things differently. 

Pondering requires courage which stems from immense love reminding me of women of unconditional love, patience, faithfulness - Mothers.

I have a wonderful mother; she will be 87 years old this year. She lived in the same house her whole married life. I have had the privilege of having her in my life for a long time. My mom was a stay-at-home mom. She made my brothers and I lunch everyday. She was at home when we returned from school just after 3 pm, and dinner was on the kitchen table every night at 5:30. The list of all the responsibilities she had in regards to her family were endless and effortless because we were not aware of all the work it took to make our lives a blast. When we had children of our own, we pondered our childhood and the love and faithfulness of a mother who gave everything for us. Her life was her family. And yes, she wore pearls.

My life was different. I was a working mom, homeschooling our children while making and selling jewelry. My children were with me all the time. We lived in the city, on a farm and in the country. We moved multiple times and the demands were very different from what I witnessed growing up. But the love, patience and faithfulness remains a constant. My life is my family. I wear pearls.

My daughter is a mother, and her life is different still as she handles the joys of motherhood with the increasing expectations and pressures of life
that today's culture puts on her. She grew up with a Nana that lived to make visits to her grandparents house fun, and a mother that taught her the value of hard work fueled by a life's passion. But the love, patience and faithfulness remains a constant. Her life is her family. She wears pearls.

In today's COVID-19 world we have, for a time, been afforded the time to ponder. Use the time wisely. If you need to reprioritize your family, now is the time to do it. Put the important things first. You can work everything else around it, I promise. Somehow when you do things right, right things happen. 

My mom was on a photoshoot with me so my daughter decided to have her made up and in the photo with me. It wasn't planned, but sometimes the unexpected thing is the most memorable. Is it perfect from a marketing standpoint? No, but it is perfect from life’s standpoint. I will always cherish this image of myself and my mother wearing pearls being directed by my daughter. It's a day I will always remember. Three mothers working together wearing pearls.

As you think about your mother and the upcoming holiday, take some time to ponder the legacy you are leaving behind. And remember - live large, dream big, love always, and do the right thing.



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